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Friday, 7 October 2016

No Sound on Skype (Vista)

Update 07/08/17:
The problem with Skype re-occured, probably because of an automatic update. This time I was able to make it work on Vista by downgrading Skype to version Strangely, the version designed for Windows XP and Vista did not work with the same sound problem. The version for Windows 7 and above does work, but produces a security error at startup that can be easily bypassed.

Version (Windows 7 version) can be downloaded here:

There seems to be a problem with the latest version of Skype and Windows Vista.

The program starts and appears to operate normally, but when making a call, incoming audio does not function correctly. When calling the 'Sound Test Service' contact, audio works for a few brief seconds but then cuts out.

After looking at two Windows Vista computers (a laptop and a desktop with different sound chips), I concluded that the only way to resolve the problem was to downgrade the version of Skype to one that still worked OK.

Fortunately, '' still has a copy of Skype available, and this works with the audio:

I was able to uninstall the newest version using 'Programs and Features' in Control Panel, then reinstall using the above link. I then disabled automatic updates within Skype (Tools - Options - Advanced - Turn off automatic updates - Save) to prevent the same problem occurring.


  1. Thanks - very useful. Why don't Skype let us rll back when they supply duff software?

  2. I am trying to download this version but the session keeps timing out? any suggestions please? :)

  3. Many thanks Matthew Green; silver surfer in spain took your fix and can now skype brother in the Pyrenees etc...

  4. Thank you. Seems to have fixed the problem for me too. Though I did get a message saying this version of Skype is being discontinued soon, so I don't know if it will stop working again anyway at some point.

  5. Fixed my problem with non working speech sound (bug in Skype) together with Razer Kraken USB.

  6. fixed the microphone problem but now it will not dial out.